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Imam’s Update and Advice

Updates from Imam Brahim Djema
Daily Khatirah (short talk)
  • after Fajr and Maghrib (summer time)
  • after Fajr and Ishaa (winter time)

Friday prayer:
Dars (lecture) 1:00pm to 1:15pm languages arabic & english

Khutbah 1:15pm to 1:45pm languages English & Arabic

To contact the Imam
tel: 419 882 3339

Many of Imam’s talks and Friday sermons are broadcast live on our Facebook Page, please follow and like our page for daily updates.

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Toledo, Ohio
Wednesday, 21st February, 2018
Fajr6:02 AM
Sunrise7:21 AM
Zuhr12:46 PM
Asr3:43 PM
Magrib6:11 PM
Isha7:29 PM